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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Don't allow disease to become you!

May, 9th, 2017

I have been using the ancient minerals for my aching muscles after a workout. So, one morning I woke up with a little lower back pain and I sprayed the ancient minerals on it. It felt hot on my skin but it worked.
These little tips are very important. I hope you utilize them for optimal health.

Jan. 7, 2017

I have been taking the Ancient Minerals in a spray sublingually. The taste is not so great but, most things that are good for us are bitter. This way of spraying is good for people who get stomach aches from taking vitamins and minerals in pill form.
The same goes for Vit-B-12 and D-3 so that's why the patches are so much better. I have no issue with my stomach so I take the B-12 liquid, a Niacin and I get a prescription for 5,000 mil D 3 and take one pill once a week. First I had a blood test to see what my levels were and I was so low in D-3 that the doctor said if I sat in the sun for a year straight I wouldn't be able to get enough. So I was buying them until the pharmacist heard me complaining about the price and told me I could get a prescription for them!

Nov. 18th, 2016 5:00 PM
I have been walking around outdoors in nature and took some recordings. Today I added this. It just came on naturally.

Oct. 17th, 2016
I got up 8 AM this morning feeling a lag...I must have been up later than I thought. I took some footage of the harvest moon. It came out really awesome! Then I took more footage of it and talked about the moon being a magnet. I read a really long comment but, didn't reply yet. I just had to look at Yellowstone. It was very fuzzy so, I went to the streaming video. The three hour one and watched maybe an hour of it while listening to an old Art Bell show with a man talking about the moon being placed there by our creators and that we are an experiment. That the moon is a soul catcher and that the people who die underwater, their soul can't be taken because the moon's signal can't reach it. He said religion was made to keep us from harming ourselves. He said well, I'll leave the link here. Click here.I don't know who is talking, named John. :)

Well, I'm ready to go for a walk. I had yogurt and mixed the Aguaje powder into it. I took my B-12 liquid, a 50,000 mg D-3 which is taken once a week because I was so low in it, the Dr. said I could never make up for the loss if I sat in the sun for a year straight. Then I took Niacin B-6.
When I move my laptop, it screams/screeches so loud the whole block can hear it! I have to shut off the volume until it calms down. lol My ex-husband who lives with me came home from his night out with whoever. I think he has a new girlfriend, ya, think? lol But, he wants to buy me a new laptop because of the screaming it does every time either it's moved or, there's a loud noise like a glass clinking. So, he told me to look on Fingerhut because he wants to build his credit but, they are way over-priced and their laptops have only 5 gigabytes. That is way too low for me. My laptop that my son bought me has 485 gigs and I used half of it but, I do have to keep deleting videos on screencast-o-matic. No matter youtube has them all anyway. I like the fact that I don't need a mic to record. But, it is noisy. So, he said okay as soon as we catch up on the bills he will get it most likely Best Buy is the best place to get it. I'll have to do the research and ask my friend Doug Morely who is a tech guy. And, my brother who also knows a lot about computers from Doug.
Okay, I'm going to get some air and maybe take a recording of this giant tree around the corner that I hug when I pass her by and tell her I love her. I saw a woman who saw me the other day, she was standing on her porch, smiling.
I'll be back to reply to my comments soon!
Oct. 16th, 2016

Today is Sunday, I got up early, and hopped right in the shower got dressed to start my day off feeling great! I'm down to one cup of coffee in the morning. Not for trying, it just happened that way.
I started writing a story right away on my News For Our Times Page about the missile that was launched on the 14th, of Oct. I added more information and also did a video on it yesterday.
Back to the health. Yesterday I received my order of Aguaje powder. It got here so fast! As always Matt included a free sample of something he thinks would be good, for me. This one is called, CALM Magnesium-Calcium powder I added it to my yogurt for breakfast. Matt knows me from the live Chats so he can anticipate what I might need! He's one of a kind and a believer in Jesus. I bet, you didn't know that.

On another note: The melanoma on my ex-husbands head was one of the most common kind. They took off three layers of skin until there weren't any cancer cells left. We have 7 layers of skin so it was not too bad. It was an office procedure which meant that he had no general anesthesia. It took seven stitches to close it up. He said the office was packed with people having similar procedures. man, the sun must be highly charged. I do know radiation is accumulative so stay out of the sun as much as possible. Wear a hat and find a natural sunscreen.
To sum it up. No matter how much sun we get, we are all lacking in Vitamin D and for that matter, we lack all trace minerals. With GMOs being so pervasive it's hard to know who to trust is telling us the truth. If you live near a farm, great! If you produce your own food, great! But, for those of us who live in cities and the suburbs of those cities we are limited. That's why I juice and buy supplements from Matt.

Journal entry: 8.23.16
To continue to stay healthy and free of pain.
The first thing I do when I get up is I drink a glass of good water. Get the coffee going. Yes, I still have two cups of coffee a day. I'm not trying to tell you what to do. I'm saying what I prefer. You may like tea, my sister like tea, what does it have to do with me?

I went for a short walk. Came back and did a video. Then I had unsweetened yogurt with a little of the sweet yogurt. Then I added about 2 tbs of pulverized flax seeds and sprinkled in about 4 tbs of a fruit called Aguaje(in powder form) into the yogurt and that was my breakfast. Then while I was cooking up some cabbage, sliced onions and Chickpeas in a pan with a little oil. While that was cooking I made a juice with an apple, a small red beet, 2 stalks of celery, two carrots, a half of a peach (I forgot, I had that for a snack) added a bunch of grapes and it was delicious! I'm at a healthy weight and even weigh less than I did 20 yrs ago but, with more muscle. I look and feel great! Now, all I need is some new clothes. I'm tired of 'wearing that same old shabby dress:) In the last two weeks no meat and lost 4 pounds.

Journal entry: 8.22.16

Yesterday was my birthday. I got phone calls from all my children, 2, and all my grandchildren, 5 of them, so I'd say my day ended with a big smile on my face and peace and love in my heart.
Today I reminded my daughter by facebook message to take her Vit-D-3 because she needs that reminder. I had a 2 hr. conversation with her last week and this week. She finally will be getting a juicer because she is 43 and she has been eating the candy offered in the office by all the overweight women who bring it in. Plus she has a small tumor in her spine and her back was hurting after cleaning her house. That used to happen to me. I know!!! Juicing will get rid of it! It has been proven over and over again on Matt Monarch's channel how people are healing from juicing- feeding the body minerals and trace minerals.

After I told her that it takes 22 hours to burn 12 grams of sugar (which is easy to intake) when you eat unconsciously. Now she has a plan! I will be checking on her progress.
You know, I didn't start working out until my back went out for no reason. I worked out by walking, aerobics, and weights with Denise Austin. I was 39.
I'm proud to say I am totally vegan! The other day I tried to eat a hot dog and had to spit it out! It was like eating flesh, ewe so disgusting.

You can eat it, as long as you eat veggies with it and not mashed potatoes but, baked is better. Cooked carrots are bone building as well as reversing having to wear reading glasses. I needed them at 40 and now I don't need them. That's how good juicing is. And, they have juicers at Wayfair for $39 dollars!
My brother bought one, he's 64, and my daughter will be next. Yeah!

It finally got through my brain to stop eating sugar after I learned that my body will burn the sucrose for energy and not the fat. So, for 22 hours after a piece of cake forget about losing fat. The only way is eating whole food, real food. And, juicing.

Journal entry: 8/20/16
1.update on family member's possible melanoma on his head. He still hasn't heard from the doctor so I guess his biopsy was negative. I'll let you know when he gets the results. In the meantime, he is so excited at how the Dragons blood healed the biopsy scrape so fast!

What I did today.

It's a beautiful Saturday here on Staten Island, NY. The conference house park is nearby so I'll be taking a drive there in a bit. My laptop works but it has no audio and has been crashing and the battery is not charging. I did everything to fix it but to no avail. I have a Mac which has 27" screen but, it freezes up and some keys don't work. I have a kindle I can go online with it in the house. I don't have a smartphone. Who needs another bill. Both my cameras are just not charging.
So here I am writing a journal which is more comfortable for me anyway.
My birthday is tomorrow and I have no plans to do anything special. I usually spend it alone as well as all other holidays. It's my choice not to have friends. Family, is another story, for another time. I'm on good terms with them. It's just that they live in other states. My parents passed on a long time ago. My father was forty-one when I was born. My mother died of lung cancer after having colon cancer. She smoked for fifty years. My father had a quadruple bypass even though he was never fat. What did him in was he would eat at least three giant bars of milk chocolate 3x a week!

We all had colonoscopy's after my mother got cancer. My brother had two pre-cancerous polyps removed. My sister has a very bad case of diverticulitis and has hemorrhoids from the stomach problems. I had two polyps removed that were not pre-cancerous. I, as most people do have a slight case of diverticulosis. That is the small pockets in the bowel that if you do not eat enough fiber can get inflamed with meat that rots because it's not moving out.

I'm a total vegan. That is no meat, eggs, cheese or fish. Beans make for a delicious replacement for protein when cooking up some veggies, and crushed flax (Omega-3) seeds go into my juices.
I've been doing everything I could to grow stronger as I age. I started working out at 40 yrs old after my back went out but, that's another story I'll get to later.
I've never been on a diet, never took any miracle pills. I just started to eliminate sugar and processed foods. I wrote an article called The Elimination Diet. Which is not a diet but, a live it!

Did you know that it takes 22 hrs for your body to burn off sugar? What the body does is use the fructose for energy and the rest is stored in your fat cells. So, if you can't get rid of those extra pounds this is why. One can of soda contains 12 tablespoons of sugar. The sugar-free soda is just plain poison and does nothing good for you at all, and it will keep you fat.

What happens is fat cells store toxins. If you are full of toxins your body thinks it's starving and holds onto the fat. Once you start feeding your body the minerals and trace minerals it needs to function properly, the body eliminates those fat deposits.
Pasta converts to sugar so that is why you are not losing weight. Gluten free pasta is akin to eating cardboard.
There are other choices of pasta but, I stay away from it totally.
I weigh the same I did 20 yrs ago, now I have more muscle. I have no cellulite at all. Cellulite is small fat deposits between the muscle and the skin. They are like little balloons that fill up with fat the more you eat it.

A good way to get rid of it is to start juicing, stop eating processed food, fast food and make better choices when eating out.

As for myself, I never eat out or order in. First off, I don't have any friends and no money. What I eat cost about 4 cents a day, and I'm diseases free although they told me I had everything possible, but, I'll get to that another time.

Journal entry: 8/13/2016
A subscriber, who is also a published writer, asked me a question?
J. do you know of any treatment for low blood pressure? A friend of mine has just been diagnosed with it. Apparently, the doctor prescribed a monthly injection of some B vitamin or other, plus drinking lots of water, but my friend is wary of injections...

Hi, good question? Yes, B-12 (folic acid) can be taken sublingually or, they can get the transdermal patch.
Vitamin B12 & D3 Patches
Or, Here!

that's fantastic - big thanx:)

Okay, I'm back up.

Update: last week the friend I was talking about below went to the dermatologist and they looked at the spot on his head. By then he had been using the Dragons Blood on it and so it was scabbed. So, the intern said it didn't look bad. They took a biopsy of it anyway and we are now waiting for those results.
My friend was so happy when he put the Dragons Blood back on after the biopsy and it scabbed up already! He is now using it and believes it just might be a miracle cure! We'll see what the biopsy says. Like I stated before he did have cancer cells in his cheek and it has not come back but, this is nothing to play doctor with. If you see something go to the doctor but, first get the dragons blood and put it on until you go it could stop it from going wild like it does.

8/5/2016 A family friend who works in construction had a lump on his cheek. It was removed and there were cancer cells in it. Afterward and 7 stitches later they called him in because they had to freeze it. Okay done, so far so good until he got a mark on his head.

It didn't look good to me so he made an appointment and got a referral for the same dermatologist. Before he goes, which I don't know when that will be because he has no money for the co-pay, I put Dragon's Blood tincture on it and it bubbled up like peroxide does on a cut.
It turned into a scab right away. A scab is a sign of healing. He's been putting it on twice a day and it looks so much better. I know melanoma is nothing to play with or, waste time! It's one of the worst kinds of cancers since it spreads so quickly!
We are thinking positive while he still hasn't gone to the dermatologist. I will keep you updated.

Update 8/11/16 He went to the doctor and they said it didn't look bad so they took a biopsy and things should be fine. I think the dragons blood worked!

As for me, I"m full of energy and went for a long walk about 8 AM. When I came upstairs the sweat started dripping off my brow and that is exactly what I wanted. They say it's good to sweat every day to get the toxins out. I guess that's why they say air conditioning is bad for you. An elderly lady I talked to in the cold supermarket told me that she didn't use an air conditioner because it enflamed her arthritis.
I love hearing these tips from elderly people who have a wealth of life experiences to share.

Please click here for your superfoods and keep your immune system up! Soon vitamins, holistic medicines, and tinctures will be against the law! It happened in Austrailia! Oh, they can get them from a doctor or, buy the junk in the stores.

I have been a health advocate for as long as I can remember. As a child, my mother knew the importance of having the right vitamins and minerals in her body when she couldn't conceive for eight years. Once she started getting Vit-B 12 shots she became pregnant.

As the years went by she started juicing and also gave us kids Vit-B-12 every morning before going to school. My father was a bodybuilder and us kids would also workout with all the different gadgets he had back then plus he had weights.

I've been on and off juicing as I would stop sometimes for one reason or another. Now, that I'm back to juicing I've lost eight pounds in two weeks juicing twice a day.

Dragons Blood is Tree Sap!

After decades of good science has been churned out about this remarkable skin-enhancing agent, cosmetic companies are starting to include Dragon’s blood sap in skin elixirs, creams, and other special preparations. Most of the time, cosmetic companies want ingredients that are pure white, to maintain the whiteness of creams and lotions. But Dragon’s blood turns the same preparations pink, and so a new color of skin agent will be showing up on cosmetic shelves.

I just started using it 7/16/2016.

See what's new in the raw food store and what is price slashed!

Update: 8/6/15
Second: Known as the Dark Act - denying Americans the right to know concerning labeling, which Obama signed in the afterglow of the democratic convention 8/4/16 in which by one stroke of his pen he outlawed the labeling of GMO foods in Vermont, Connecticut, and Main. He also pre-empted and nullified Alaska's law labeling of GE (genetically engineered) fish or product of fish and approved GM salmon. They feed these salmon cat litter! Might as well eat cardboard. I did a video on it and did the research because I was eating it and didn't know.
One day I went to buy wild salmon and for one piece it cost thirteen dollars! Who can afford that? Obama also nullified the labeling of GE seeds for farmers in Vermont and Virginia.
Tip of the day!
We know by now that juicing and eating non-GMO fruit and vegetables are the best way to stay healthy. It's best to eat foods that are in season at the time. In the summer, melons are one of my favorites. There are two ways to tell if a cantaloupe is fresh, one is how heavy it feels, the heavier the more juice is in it. The second way is by sniffing the top. If it smells sweet, then it's ripe.
Before cutting a fruit with a skin like a watermelon, cantaloupe, avocado etc. it must be rinsed. Bacteria is carried on the outside of the skins from being handled by producers and transferred in containers.

For my Omega -3 I grind up flax seeds and mix it in my yogurt along with Aguaje powder which is used for hormone balance and a curvy figure. Btw I have so much energy and have lost a few pounds. I was never overweight by much. I never went on a diet. I just started getting healthy and the shape of my body changed doing Denise Austin workouts daily for years. There is no such thing as inheriting fat. It's a myth. I said it. It's my blog and I see the denial and excuses people make.

A Short Story

Yesterday 7/29/2016
I was in the middle of a conversation with two young women in their thirties perhaps. One got on a scale and said: this can't be right? The other girls said yeah, there is something wrong with the calibration I think? So, then Jen asked why how much did it say you weighed and she answered 220 pounds! So, the other woman asked: how much do you weigh normally, she said 110. bwahaha OMY I weighed myself on that scale just before them and my weight was the same it is at home. I told her juicing really helps to lose weight, one smiled but I could see Jen was upset to see she gained so much weight and didn't make eye contact with me. I've talked to her before. I know she quit smoking so that can have an effect on a little weight gain.

See what you need to get here!